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Delivering For Denver

Dear Denver, 

Three years ago, you trusted me to serve as your At-Large Director on the Denver School Board. On the campaign trail, I promised that we would expand protections for the LGBTQIA + community, and in my first fifty days in office, we did; I promised to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline, and we did just that within my first six months in office, and when the Superintendent recommended closing schools, as Vice President of the School Board I fought to ensure they remained open. I convinced five of my colleagues to vote ‘NO’ on closing schools. 

This work is too important to walk away from now, and that is why I am officially announcing that I will seek another term on the Denver School Board. My son will be a student in the Denver Public Schools in the next few years, and I want to be certain that I have done all I can to ensure that he has the best education possible alongside his peers. I am ready for that challenge. I am ready to challenge the status quo and demand the improvements our students deserve. The future of our city depends on it. 

We cannot; we will not allow our students to fall through the cracks any longer. Our kids deserve a life filled with opportunities- which is only possible if they have access to a high-quality education from Pre-K through 12th grade.  

In 2019 I dedicated my first term in office to my grandmother Bettye M. Anderson a 35-year veteran educator. In 2022, I will dedicate this next term to my son Khalil Justice. Anderson. 

When I say we have been Delivering for Denver, it’s not just a campaign slogan. Delivering for Denver is what we have already accomplished AND what we commit to continue demanding for our students, educators, and families. But, we can only do that if we, as I have so often reminded us during the last year, get back to work.

In Solidarity, 

Vice President Auon’tai M. Anderson

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"Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise"

Maya Angelou


1,092 Days and Counting

Since being elected to the Denver School Board, Auon'tai has worked hard for the students, educators, and families of Denver Public Schools. Within his first 50 days on the Denver School Board, Auon'tai passed a series of resolutions to combat gun violence in our communities, expand the right to vote to 16 & 17-year-olds, and the most comprehensive equity and inclusion package for the LGBTQIA + community.

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Auon’tai is a young man on a mission. He has dedicated his term to ensuring the voices of students remain the center of his work. While he has endured things others have not, he continues to fight for Denver Public Schools and all students regardless of their school model. Auon’tai will be a strategic partner that can help diversify the pipeline to the CU system! I am elated to endorse Auon’tai’s re-election campaign!

Wanda James

University of Colorado Regent, Congressional District One


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